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Best Free Alternative for Typeform is Here 😱😱😱

Typeform is Dead, here’s a free alternative for Typeform


Typeform is a significant platform in the realm of data collecting and online surveys. These solutions have good features and user-friendly interfaces, but Typeform’s free version only allows users to collect only 10 responses whereas its alternative on the other hand is in terms of complete capabilities, extensive customization, and cost-effectiveness. In this blog article, we'll look at why Typeform’s this alternative is best and why it's the affordable option for all of your data-collecting needs.

This Alternative is non-other than Formaloo

Formaloo Interface

First, let’s understand what is Formaloo.

Formaloo is a no-code collaboration platform that assists organizations in developing unique data-driven apps and internal solutions. It helps organizations to automate operations, interact with their audience, and obtain important insights from the data collected. Businesses may easily construct software without coding and use a database infrastructure for complex apps using drag-and-drop tools. Formaloo is simple to use and does not require data professionals to run. Furthermore, organizations may improve their skills by utilizing the Formaloo Customer Data Platform, which enables AI-powered data analysis to better understand customer behavior and increase loyalty, LTV, and CX.

Formaloo Interface Main


Reasons why Formaloo is Better than Typeform-

1) Unlimited Responses at a Fraction of the Cost:

Formaloo offers unlimited responses even on its free plan, making it extremely cost-effective for small enterprises and individuals. Typeform, on the other hand, limits the number of answers, compelling customers to switch to a more expensive plan to enjoy the same benefit. This is one of the reasons Formaloo is in demand nowadays.

Formaloo Unlimited Response

2) Robust Customization Options:

Users can completely personalize every part of their surveys, questionnaires, and forms using Formaloo, giving them total control over branding, style, and layout. Formaloo guarantees that your surveys are consistent with your brand identity by allowing you to include logos, background pictures, and custom CSS. But on the other hand, Typeform has several customizing possibilities, but they pale in comparison to Formaloo's variety.

Formaloo Custom Templates

3) Advanced Question Types and Logic:

Formaloo specializes in gathering particular insights with a wide range of complex question types and logic. Users may adapt surveys and forms depending on responses by using conditional branching, skip logic, and sophisticated scoring. While Typeform is capable, it lacks the breadth of possibilities that Formaloo provides.

Formaloo Logic

4) Multilingual Support:

Formaloo goes above and above by allowing users to develop and distribute surveys in many languages. This functionality is extremely useful for companies with a worldwide audience or organizations that operate in multilingual regions. Typeform, on the other hand, only supports a restricted number of languages.

Formaloo Multilingual Support

5) GDPR and Data Security Compliance:

Formaloo places a premium on data security and GDPR compliance, guaranteeing that all user data is safeguarded and managed in line with rigorous privacy standards. Formaloo protects sensitive information using data encryption and secure storage. While Typeform also complies with GDPR, Formaloo's dedication to data protection is unparalleled.

Formaloo Privacy Policy

6) Seamless Integration and API:

Formaloo integrates easily with major platforms such as Google Sheets, Zapier,, and others, easing data administration and workflow. Formaloo also offers a robust API for developers, allowing for smooth integration with bespoke apps. Typeform also allows integrations, but Formaloo's API support provides more freedom and control.

Formaloo API Integration

7) Access to Advanced Analytics:

This is one of the major reasons why businesses like us prefer Formaloo because it provides in-depth analytics to users, offering important insights into survey replies and trends. Users may monitor completion rates, and spot drop-off areas, and acquire a better understanding of responder behavior. Typeform provides basic analytics but lacks the degree of depth and insights that Formaloo provides.

Formaloo Analytics


While both Formaloo and Typeform are popular data-gathering systems, Formaloo is the clear winner for organizations and individuals looking for complete functionality, advanced customization, and cost-effectiveness.

Formaloo Vs Typeform Pricing Comparison

Formaloo enables customers to design customized surveys that connect with their brand and obtain particular insights by providing unlimited replies, powerful customization options, complex question kinds, and international support.

Add to that a strong emphasis on data security, seamless integration, and access to advanced analytics, and it's easy to see why Formaloo is the undisputed king of data gathering.



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